Hue Riders Vietnam Motorbike Adventure Tours
Hue Riders Vietnam Motorbike Adventure Tours

Discover the best of Vietnam by Motorbike

Do you want to do something a little different in Vietnam?

Then take a tour with Hue Riders, get away from the crowds and explore the Vietnam that package holiday tourists don't get to see.

Whether you want to relax on beautiful beaches, explore recently discovered caves, learn more about the war, visit ethnic hill tribes, learn about rural farming life, or be amazed by the stunning scenery of the Central Highlands & Ho Chi Minh Trail. Whatever you want to see, we can take you there

A Hue Riders tour will take you on a journey to discover and truly experience the culture, traditions and history of this amazing country.

We have many single and multi-day itineraries to choose from, or we can help you to create the perfect itinerary just for you.

Best of all, with Hue Riders you get to do it at your own pace, no waiting around for the rest of the group to finish, or being stranded at scheduled stops. With Hue Riders motorbike tours you decide where you want to go and how long you want to spend there, it's a private tour and you are in charge.

Hue Riders Motorbike Adventure Tours

Who are we?

Hue Riders are a group of 8 motorbike guides who each have over 9 years experience working as tour guides in Central Vietnam. We were born and raised here and we love to share our country with visitors. We are friendly, helpful, funny, reliable, professional and fluent in English.

How did we start?

Hue Riders became the first motorbike tour group in Hue over 3 years ago after an Aussie girl named Sarah spent a few weeks in Vietnam and realised that travelling on the back of a bike was simply the best way to see this Country. So she decided to move to Hue and convince the best guides in town to work together as a group so they could provide quality, fun, safe tours for everyone.

Hue Riders Motorbike Adventure Tours

Why choose us?

Not only are we the original group in Hue (you will find many copycats) but we offer something that none of the others do, and that's an expat Aussie looking after all emails and phone calls. Any questions you have she can answer, be it about a tour or shopping, weather, hotels, trains etc. We hope you will agree that you can feel more confident when booking with someone who can easily understand your needs and questions.

We also have the best guides in town. Our guides will not try to get commissions all the way along the tour, they are honest and trustworthy. They care about our guests and focus more on you having the best possible time than making money.

Is it safe?

Your safety is extremely important to us. We cater to all ages and we have taken families with children as young as 7 as well as retirees on our tours and we have an excellent safety record. We provide good quality helmets and keep our bikes in top condition. Our guides take regular breaks so you are never on the road more than 30-45 minutes at a time and they pay careful attention to the road conditions.

Go with us and you will see, taste & experience the REAL Vietnam

Hue Riders Motorbike Adventure Tours

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Central Highlands

Ethnic minority village, Vietnam

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Phong Nha Caves

Phong Nha Caves

Tours to Phong Nha

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DMZ - Vinh Moc Tunnels

Vinh Moc Tunnels, Hue Riders

1dy tour to DMZ

3dy tour to DMZ

Hue Festival 2012!
7th - 15th April

Hue Festival

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Hue Festival 2012

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